Wu Yuhang and Jonas Borchers opened UUU in 2021 as a space for a unique culinary inquiry into Chinese cuisine. Chef Wu’s innovative creations build on two elements: the highest quality seasonal ingredients with an emphasis on Berlin and its surroundings, and Chinese cooking knowledge and techniques drawn from all over China.

UUU is owner-run. It’s Yuhang, who cooks, Jonas, who serves – and you, our guests.

wu yuhang

Originally from China’s western parts, Yuhang trained as a chef in Berlin. After working in some of the most highly-regarded restaurants in and around Berlin, she wanted the freedom to put into practice her own ideas and reconnect with the rich culinary traditions of her homeland.

jonas borchers

Jonas has been moving between Germany and China for over ten years. From the very first moment, he was intrigued by the diversity of the country, and countless journeys have since added to the fascination. These journeys now continue at UUU, where Jonas is in charge of service and beverages.

≈≈≈ Eating the Sea ≈≈≈ This May, UUU will be turning into a Chinese seafood kitchen. ≈≈≈
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