Everything you might want to know before visiting UUU.

How do I find UUU?

You will find us at Sprengelstraße 15 in Berlin-Wedding on the ground floor, with the entry located to your right when facing the courtyard passage. The window with the plants – that’s us. If you can’t see us, just ring the bell next to the door. If you have trouble finding us, don’t hesitate to give us a call for assistance.

Do you require reservations?

Yes, you have to reserve to dine with us and can do so up to three months in advance.

How many people do you seat per night?

We seat 8 people each night from Thursday to Saturday, starting at 7:30pm.

Do I have to share a table with strangers? Are there other seating options?

Our round table represents the heart of our restaurant and our only seating option. You will be seated next to other guests, but it is up to you whether you want to interact or limit the conversation to your group. If you’re looking for a place to hold confidential conversations, please consider another restaurant that offers more privacy. Also remember, that we have private dining options for groups of 6 or more.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions/allergies?

In most cases, yes, but it is essential that you let us know in advance through the note dialogue in the reservation window. Also, don’t forget to check with your fellow diners. If you have any rare allergies or dietary restrictions, please inquire with us before making your reservation. Dietary restrictions presented unexpectedly at the table may not be accomodated.

Can I bring children?

We are happy to accept diners who are ten years or older. We do, however, not offer a children’s menu. Also, keep in mind, that a dinner at UUU takes around 3 hours.

What happens if I have to cancel or postpone my booking?

If you booked for a group of four or fewer diners, you can still postpone or cancel your reservation up until 48 hours before your visit. If you booked for a group of more than four diners, the deadline for cancellations or postponement of your booking is 14 days. After the deadline, we do not grant any right to postponement or refund.

What happens if I run late?

We ask you to be on time for your booking, especially since all diners start simultaneously. Late arrivals may miss courses that cannot be served later in the menu. If you are late, please call us at +49-(0)30-8600 9028.

Do you accept tips?

Yes, we appreciate your gratuity and don’t add a fixed service charge to our menu price, because we believe that tipping should be up to you, the guest. If you enjoy your evening with us, you’re welcome to leave a gratuity afterwards, by card or via PayPal.

Do you serve wine?

No. We pair our menu with a unique selection of six teas and kombuchas made from the finest and most exceptional Chinese leaves. All drinks from our pairing can also be ordered individually. Unlimited filtered water is included with our menu. However, we do not offer any other drinks.

Do you offer a vegetarian menu?

Starting December 2023, we open on Sundays for , our dedicated vegetarian menu. On Sundays, no fish or meat will be served.

I’m pescetarian. Can you accommodate me?

Maybe. This depends on the season, our current menu items, and how early you book in advance. Please inquire before making your booking.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately not, please understand that we’re mindful of other guests’ possible allergies.

Is there a focus on any Chinese region in your menu?

No, we draw inspiration from all Chinese cuisines, including from the Chinese diaspora and strive to reflect both the diversity and the unique elements connecting Chinese food around the world.

Do you serve authentic Chinese food?

Authenticity is not our key concern. Chinese chefs have never limited themselves to copy-pasting recipes and neither do we. Some of our dishes are reimagined classics like Xiaolongbao or Guobaorou, others are new creations that are not to be found anywhere in China. But even then, the idea behind every dish can always be traced back to Chinese cooking.

Will I still be able to sleep after imbibing your tea pairing?

Just like with alcohol, people react very differently to tea, so the answer will vary individually. Each tea contains different levels of caffeine, other stimulants and relaxants. A majority of our teas are served either as cold brew or as kombucha, with lesser concentrations of caffeine than a hot infusion. As a rule of thumb, our entire drink pairing adds up to a single shot of espresso.

Can I bring my own drinks?

Since all diners are served simultaneously, we don’t allow corkage unless you’ve booked for a private dining event with a party of six or more people. In that case, please contact us for our corkage policy.

Do you offer UUU gift cards?

Yes, you can purchase gift cards here. Our gift cards are redeemable for all dining experiences, but not for our workshops.