An ever-changing tasting menu of 8 dishes draw from and showcase the diversity of Chinese cuisine, prepared with the premium ingredients and infused with Yuhang‘s original style of cooking. The menu price is 140 Euro. Our sample menu will give you an idea of what you can expect. / reservation for chī (without drink pairing)


A one-of-a-kind selection of pinnacle Chinese teas, served as cold brews, fermented kombuchas and hot infusions. We source our leaves from China’s top tea regions with a focus on artisanal production. The tea pairing price is 49 Euro. / reservation for chī + chá

Our dedicated vegetarian menu, served on Sundays only. Experience the diversity of Chinese plant-based cuisine in all its facets. Depending on the season, we may also offer a vegan option. Please inquire in advance. The menu price is 140 Euro. / reservation for sù

chī chá

Every Sunday is tea time at UUU. From noon until 5pm you can enjoy selected teas, which we pair with changing tea snacks, mostly sweet, sometimes savoury. No reservation necessary, just come in.