our menu

We offer an ever-changing tasting menu of 8-10 dishes that reflect the full diversity of Chinese cuisine, prepared with the best ingredients and infused with Yuhang‘s original style of cooking. The menu price is 120 Euro.

our drinks

We pair our dishes with a one-of-a-kind selection of six pinnacle Chinese teas, served as cold brews, fermented kombuchas and hot infusions. We source our leaves from China’s top tea regions with a focus on artisanal production. The tea pairing price is 39 Euro.

what’s on our menu?

Our natural rhythm of introducing new dishes and variations constantly means that you can expect a reworked menu every three months, although some of our signature dishes don’t rotate as frequently. You can refer to our sample menu to get an idea of what our menu may look like. Feel free to inquire about recent menu changes if you have dined with us before.

Starting December 2023, we offer our dedicated vegetarian menu on Sundays. If you’re vegan, please inquire with us before booking. On all other opening days we have no vegetarian options available. Vice versa, on Sundays, we offer no meat or fish options.

Reservations for April are now open
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